Elke Dag Poeder 250 gram - everyday multivitamin powder with added lutein and citrus bioflavonoids for optimal absorption | Vitals

Elke Dag Poeder 250 gram - everyday multivitamin powder with added lutein and citrus bioflavonoids for optimal absorption  | Vitals

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brand ingredient:Quatrefolic®
diet:hypo-allergenic, organic
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Vitals Elke Dag Poeder ('Everyday Powder') is a multivitamin powder which uses apple powder as filler. Most multivitamin powders consist mostly of sugar and/or artificial flavours to enhance the taste. The unique aspect of Elke Dag Poeder (every day powder) is that the unpleasant taste of vitamins and minerals is neutralized by apple powder from apples that have not been treated with pesticides. NO other additives are used: no sugar and no other flavours, no synthetic flavouring or colouring ingredients, no preservatives nor any other additives which makes it unique among multivitamins. 

Elke Dag Poeder is also unique because of the superior formulation of the chosen vitamins and minerals. 
This formula contains vitamin K2, the biologically active forms of vitamin B2, B6 , B12 as well as the superior biologically active form of folic acid (Quatrefolic®).
The chosen vitamin C is from the non-acid, very well absorbed form of caclium and magnesium ascorbate.
The minerals contain of the excellently absorbed organic forms. And yet another advantage of using a powder is having more room to fit in higher doses of calcium and magnesium, which is impossible in a multivitamin which is presented as a capsule or tablet.

In short, Every Day Powder will excel in comparison to other multivitamin powder formulas.

The formula has been formulated in such a way that one scoop is sufficient for young toddlers as of 1 year old and two scoops is sufficient for adults.

The colour, smell and taste of the powder can differ between batches. This is caused by the fact that apple powder is a natural product and the colour can differ in between different harvests. However, this has no negative consequences on the quality of the product.

Quatrefolic® is a patented product and registered trademark of Gnosis.

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  • Quatrefolic®
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  • adults
  • athletes
  • vegetarians
  • hypo-allergenic
  • organic
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  • a dietary supplement is not a subsitute for a healthy diet ; do not exceed recommended dose
  • if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, lactating or trying to conceive, are under age of 18, or are taking medications, consult your health care practitioner before using this product.
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A multivitamin a day keeps the doctor away 

With so many supplements available, and a lot of supplement advertisements in sports magazines targeted at athletes, one is rarely seen: ads for a multivitamin and mineral. 

When you think about supplements, what are the first thoughts that go through your mind? Whey protein, nitric oxide, creatine, fat burners, or maybe something else? These are the ones that consume the ads.

What if I told you though that the most important supplement that you must have in your arsenal is not on this list? That is your basic multivitamin. From the chewable ones you took as a kid to the ones you have now. Oh, you don't take them? If not, you better change that immediately if you want to meet your fitness goals.

For the human body to complete all the tasks it has in a normal day, it must be given a wide and complex variety of vital nutrients. Becoming deficient in any one of these essential vitamins or minerals causes breakdown of the metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency and performance goes down quick. Obviously, this is NOT what you want!

Timing of supplements

We frequently receive the question whether it really matters when to use a particular supplement.
Most supplements come with instructions to ingest them with a meal. This is in the assumption that meal contain fat, as fat will aid with absorption through the gut wall. Whether or not this can be your first meal of the day, depends on how much fat it contains. Especially fat-soluble vitamins, such as A,D, E and K need fat for proper absorption.
A work-around is to ingest them together with a larger amount of fish or krill oil softgels if your first meal doesn't contain enough fat.
Another reason take supplements with a meal, is that taking it by itself, can cause nausea or discomfort.

Fears about contamination of eggs or supplements

In the past week of early June, a lot of fear was placed in the heart of the public of both Dutch, German and French customers, when officials from the National Food Safety Board announced eggs had to be destroyed due to contamination with a banned substance, called fipronyl.
The reason this happened, is that fipronyl is an amazingly effective insecticide that was perfectly legal for use in stables where egg laying poultry live. This insecticide was however banned from January 1 onwards for use on animals in the food chain, with the main reason behind the ban being its toxicity to bees.

recommended dose
child from age 1 onwards: take 1 scoop (2,5g) a day or as recommended by by a qualified health practitioner
adult: take 2 scoops (5g) a day per dag or as recommended by by a qualified health practitioner
Instructions for use: mix the powder with water, fruit juice or yoghurt. Mix well and drink immediately.
If you want to, you can also put the powder (in a smaller dose) under the tongue and leave it there to be absorbed sublingually for faster absorption through the mucus of the cheek and tongue into the blood vessels. 

contains per daily serving for adults (5 gram, 2 scoops)

beta carotene (from Dunaliella salina) 7,2 mg  
- recalculated to vitamin A 600mcg-RE 75% RDI
vitamin B1 (thiamine-HCl) 2,2 mg 200% RDI
vitamin B2 (riboflavine-5’-fosfaat) 2,8 mg 200% RDI
vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 16 mg 100% RDI
vitamin B5 (calcium-d-pantothenaat). 12 mg 200% RDI
vitamin B6 (pyridoxaal-5’-fosfaat). 2,8 mg 200% RDI
biofolate (5-MTHF glucosaminezout, Quatrefolic®, vit. B9) 400 mcg 200% RDI
vitamin B12 (50% methylcobalamine, 50% adenosylcobalamine) 20 mcg 800% RDI
biotine (vitamine B7) 50 mcg 100% RDI
choline (bitartraat) 10 mg  
inositol 10 mg  
PABA 5 mg  
vitamin C (calcium- en magnesiumascorbaat) 160 mg 200% RDI
vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 20 mcg 400% RDI
vitamin E (d-alfatocoferylacetaat, 72 ie) 48 mg-TE 400% RDI
mixed tocopherol (beta, gamma, delta) 10 mg  
vitamin K2 (menaquinon-7) 40 mcg 53% RDI


calcium (citrate, ascorbate) 200 mg 25% RDI
chrome (picolinate) 16 mcg 40% RDI
iodine (potassium iodide) 75 mcg 50% RDI
potassium (citrate) 100mg 5% RDI
magnesium (citrate, ascorbate) 100 mg 27% RDI
manganese (citrate) 1,6 mg 80% RDI
molybdene (natriummolybdate) 40 mcg 80% RDI
selenium (l-selenomethionine) 44 mcg 80% RDI
zinc (citrate) 10 mg 100% RDI


citrus bioflavonoid complex (35%) 20 mg  
lutein (from Calendula officinalis) 5 mg  
zeaxanthine (from Tagetes erecta) 1 mg  

RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

active ingredients (multivitamins, minerals, citrus bioflavonoids, lutein, zeaxanthin), filler (only apple powder from organically grown apples)

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature between 15 - 22°C.
keep out of reach of young children

none indicated

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegetarians

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