Searching for a category

When you want to find out what supplements PasioOnline has to offer, you may start at the bar at the top of the page, where you can find the main categories and useful links, like to the Brands at PasioOnline.

On that same bar you will find a link to the sitemap which allows you to take a closer inspection of all categories and main pages.

You may prefer to start in a broader category, like Amino Acids, which can be found underneath the main category 'Type'.

However, perhaps you already know to look for carnitine. In that case, it is a good idea to look at that particular category, listed under the main cateogry 'Ingredients'.

When you look at this main category, you will notice there is a particular order: we have listed all amino acids together on top, followed by inidividual minerals and vitamins, upon which all other ingredients follow in alphabetical order, e.g. curcumin.

If you are not searching for a specific supplement, but instead want to remedy a health issue, look for the category 'Health', where you will see this category is divided in two with the first half focusing on body parts and tissues, while the other half is focusing on specific health issues, like Pregnancy.

Using the search field

But when you are in a hurry and already know what you want, the fastest method is to start typing the name or the ingredient in the search field. Once you start doing so, you will notice there is an advanced search function with suggested content.

The suggested content doesn't just lead to products, but also to categories. 
For blog articles though , you will need to use a separate search window: go to the blog (shown at the far upper right corner)
The image shown here offers what will show up once you start tyiping in the first 5 characters curcu for curcumin.

Searching for a property

But what if you want to find out what supplements are hypo-allergenic?
This is where  product filters are created for. There are six different filters: brand, appearance, diet, discount and price.
Clicking on hypo-allergenic at the diet filter will exclude all products with familiar allergens, like nuts or milk. 

For those that would like to know what kind of discounts are available, that's covered too. The filter allows you to search through the standard quantity discounts or temporary discounts, like the week specials as are advertised in our weekly news letter.