Mastic Gum 500mg 120 tablets - Pistacia lentiscus | Jarrow Formulas

Mastic Gum 500mg 120 tablets - Pistacia lentiscus | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum 500mg 120 tablets contains natural tree stem mastic gum (Pistacia lentiscus) from a shrub-like tree grown mainly in Greece and Turkey. 

how does Mastic gum function?
Mostly composed of resinous gum and volatile oils, mastic has been used for centuries by traditional healers for stomach distress. Mastic Gum protects gastric and duodenal cells and tissues.
Regular consumption of mastic gum has been proven to absorb cholesterol, thus easing high blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks.
Mastic oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and as such is widely used in the preparation of ointments for skin disorders and afflictions.

who can benefit from Mastic Gum?
Mastic gum provides a safe and effective alternative for people looking to optimize the health of their stomach.

what distinguishes Mastic gum?
• historically used for more than 2500 years
• supports gastrointestinal and oral health
• provides antioxidants and additional beneficial nutrients
• natural and safe for occasional stomach relief
• one daily serving contains a typical therapeutic amount (500mg)

background reading
What is Mastic Gum
The mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) is a small tree which thrives in the Mediterranean region. It ranges from Portugal on the one end of the Mediterranean to Turkey on the other, as well as in parts of tropical Africa. It was known and widely used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to treat a variety of gastrointestinal complaints. As a matter of fact, ancient Greek physicians, such as Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Theophrastos, and Galenos, mentioned its properties and recommended its use. The astringent and aromatic qualities of the bark of the tree have been used traditionally to cleanse the breath and to tighten the gums.

Mastic gum is a resinous compound found in the trunk portion of the tree. Resins, such as the triterpene mastic acid, make up 90% of the gum. Volatile oil is responsible for much of the aromatic quality of the gum and can constitute up to 3% of the product. Mastic gum is viewed as being extremely safe. The resin is sometimes used in food and beverage production. Furthermore, there are a number of trace elements found in mastic gum such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and manganese. Lastly, mastic has also been reported to possess strong antioxidant activity.

Gastro-intestinal health
Stress, alcohol, drugs, smoking and bad dietary habits can wreak havoc on the stomach. On the other hand, good dietary habits can contribute to the health of the stomach. For example, cabbage juice is famous for promoting gastrointestinal health. Similarly, when people with stomach concerns were put on a long-term (six months) high-fiber diet, the rate of improvement in gastrointestinal health was fast and significant. However, not many people are willing to drink cabbage juice let alone follow a long-term protocol of a high-fiber diet.

Mastic gum is a natural product that has been used for over 2,500 years to promote the health of the intestines, stomach and liver. However, it was not until the mid 1980’s that researchers confirmed mastic’s efficacy in protecting gastric and duodenal cells and tissues. One gram daily of mastic gum has been found to be safe and effective in restoring stomach health. In addition to its antioxidant properties, scientists also believe mastic gum possesses cytoprotective and antisecretory properties. These special qualities could explain mastic gum’s ability to provide significant protection to the stomach and duodenum.

Other uses
Mastic gum has also been used for centuries to promote oral hygiene. In fact, modern research has shown that mastic chewing gum may be an effective tool for promoting healthy teeth and gums.
Moreover, a recent study published in the April 20, 2007 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology indicates mastic gum could have hepatoprotective and cardioprotective properties in humans. Previous animal studies had shown that mastic gum was successful in supporting liver health.
Finally, preliminary but, promising scientific evidence suggests that mastic gum may also be a useful supplement for promoting prostate health.

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Oral health is a reflection of our overall health

On March 20 we celebrated the International Oral Health Day'. According to the dentist Richard Kohsiek, who's a board member of the Royal Dutch Dental Association, we should think more often about the consequences of oral health as "Oral health is a reflection of our overall health".

What encompasses good oral health?
"In the mouth there are good and bad bacteria. As long as there is a prober balance between good and bad mouth flora, there is not much wrong. Things only go out of control when the bad bacteria outgrow the good bacteria. "

"Plaque is the white part that we see grow on our teeth is formed by a combination of bacteria and food remnants. Becasue these calcify it grows into tartar on locations where the tooth brush can't reach".

recommended use
take 2 tablets a day with water or juice before breakfast or as advised by a qualified physician 

contains per daily intake (2 tablets)
mastic gum Pistacia lentiscus  1000 mg †

† = Recommended Daily Intake not established

active ingredient (mastic gum), filler (cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate), anticoagulant (silicon dioxide), food-grade coating

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature between 15 - 22°C.

allergy information
contains no familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, soy, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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