Reward points

When you are a returning customers, you are entitled to receive a customer discount, which is given to you by means of reward points. Whomever registers at PasioOnline will receive 1% of their purchase as reward points or more .

For each euro that you spend, 1 reward point is handed out.
When you are a returning customer and have been a customer for longer, will receive a higher discount and more reward points at each purchase.

While on each product page, you will see both the price in euros as well as in (reward)points, you can't outright pay for a product as if it was a different currency. Nor do we have certain 'gadget' products, which are only payable in reward points.

Instead, you can use reward points at future purchases to obtain an order discount. For each 100 reward points you get 1 euro discount. To clarify the system, we give a few examples.

Example 1: you have a 3% customer discount and a supplement costs € 20, which results in 60 reward points

Example 2: you have 300 reward points in your account and will fill in 300 at the slot for reward points on the cart page to receive 3 euro discount on your order on top of other quantity discounts.

Example 3: you have 1000 reward points in your account, but are only placing a very small order at a value of 7 euro or 700 reward points. In this case you can't use more than those 700 points. The other 300 reward points remain in your savings ccount and can be used for a future order.

You can check how many reward points you have in two ways:

  1. when you are placing an order and are logged into your account, you can fill in reward points in the special field, where you can find the amount you have right underneath both on the shopping cart page as well as on the checkout page.
  2. simply log into your account and go to the Reward Points Log

Quantity discounts

For nearly every product sold at there's a quantity discount when you buy more than one item.

Quantity discounts are given in relation to the actual shop price, which is considerably lower than the suggested retail price, sometimes even up to 35%!
Quantity discounts start at 5% for 2 items and can go up to as much as 20% for 8 items.
You don't need to buy 2 of the same items as the discount applies to any item with the displayed discount, except when it is indicated otherwise (e.g. for items on sale that have an additional individual and often higher quantity discount). 
For products below €20 there's a discount of up to €2 at any 4 items.

All quantity discounts are open to anyone paying with iDEAL , Bancontact (formerly mrCash), bitcoin, or bank transfer. 
When you prefer to use Paypal or use the ability to pay afterwards (Billink) and register with us, all quantity discounts are open except for the first level discount of 5% for 2 items. The quantity discounts will only apply for 3 items and more.
So, instead of a 20% discount at 8 items, you will receive a maximum discount of 15%. This exception is to cover the much higher costs of these payment methods.