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Whey - Virgin Whey Protein Isolate 450g | Jarrow Formulas

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Jarrow Formulas Virgin Whey Protein Isolate is is considered a virgin whey protein because it is made directly from milk. Normally, whey protein is a concentrated by-product of cheesemaking.

Jarrow Formulas Virgin Whey Protein Isolate is derived directly from fresh milk and is processed at low temperature to better preserve the native characteristics of whey protein. Due to minimal processing, Virgin Whey Protein Isolate retains more of whey protein’s beneficial components, such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and serum albumin.
Virgin Whey Protein Isolate is rich in essential amino acids (approximately 12g per serving), and specifically higher in leucine, cysteine and tryptophan compared to whey protein as a by-product of cheesemaking.

• pure whey derived directly from fresh milk (not a by-product of cheese making)
• processed at low temperatures to preserve native bioactive whey protein fractions
• 22g undenatured protein per serving
• 12g essential amino acids (rich in branched chain amino acids) per serving
• 100% fat-free
• supports lean body mass/healthy body composition, appetite control, and energy metabolism
• naturally rich in cysteine to support healthy glutathione levels to combat oxidative stress

background reading

Whey protein is one of the most well researched proteins recognized as a functional food with bioactivity that positively influences many aspects of health.
Conventional whey proteins are a by-product of cheese making, which involve heat exposure and acidification.
The composition of whey varies depending on the processing employed and the protein is often substantially denatured.
Jarrow Formulas Virgin whey protein Isolate (WPI) is a highly concentrated source of the natural, native (undenatured) bioactive whey protein fractions isolated directly from milk at low temperatures which results in a consistent protein composition with preserved biological activity and higher content of key amino acids (AAs) leucine, cysteine, and tryptophan than found in conventional whey protein produced as a by-product of cheese making.

The Many Benefits of Undenatured Whey Protein
Metabolic effects of whey protein are attributed to its distinct rate of absorption and AA composition.
Whey protein is “fast” with regard to rate of absorption and the appearance of AAs in circulation, which profoundly impacts the metabolic regulation of multiple tissues to influence whole body energy metabolism.
Physiologic functions of bioactive proteins and peptides derived from undenatured whey protein include promotion of immune function and gastrointestinal health, protection against pathogenic microorganisms and toxins in the intestinal tract, facilitation of mineral and fat-soluble nutrient absorption, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Whey Protein is high biological and value protein rich in essential AAs. It is nature’s richest source of the branched chain AAs (BCAAs): leucine, isoleucine, valine.
BCAAs, especially leucine, serve multiple roles in metabolism: promote protein synthesis,key energy substrates for muscles during exercise and metabolic stress, recovery, and caloric restriction. BCAAs are primary nitrogen donors for the production of glutamine in muscle.

Compared to other proteins, whey protein is a rich source of cysteine.
Availability of cysteine is rate limiting for intracellular production of glutathione (GSH), a vital antioxidant and detoxification agent.
GSH, a small tri-peptide found in cells, cannot enter most cells directly and therefore, must be made inside the cell from its 3 constituent AAs: glutamate, cysteine, and glycine.
GSH is required in many intricate steps of an immune response.
Undenatured whey protein supplementation has been shown to boost tissue levels of GSH to support immune function and replenish levels that have been depleted during conditions characterized by chronic oxidative stress.
Whey protein in its undenatured form appears to be a crucial factor in the bioavailability of cysteine for GSH synthesis inasmuch as cysteine can be oxidized/degraded in the gastrointestinal tract.Curiously, the same amount of egg white protein with identical cysteine content is ineffective at raising tissue glutathione levels.

Elevated levels of sugars and lipids in the blood can promote oxidative stress and inflammation to perturb metabolic functions, especially over time.
Consumption of whey protein prior to meals has been shown to reduce the post-meal rise of sugars and lipids in the blood.

Preservation of Muscle Mass & Healthy Body Composition
Whey protein supplementation has been shown to promote a healthy body composition, particularly when used in conjunction with resistance exercise.
The ability of ingested protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis resides in the serving size (i.e., rise in blood AA levels, especially leucine) and composition of AAs.
Unlike other high-quality protein sources, whey protein is rapidly absorbed to markedly increase AA concentrations in the blood to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
When consumed as part of a fat and carbohydrate containing meal, whey protein strongly and persistently reduced muscle protein breakdown and enhanced muscle protein synthesis.

Whey protein supplementation may be particularly effective for improving muscle mass and function with advancing aging to limit age-associated muscle loss.
Clinical research has shown that ingestion of as little as 8.7g of undenatured whey protein as found in Jarrow Formulas Virgin Whey Protein doubles the amount of leucine in the blood to promote post-meal muscle protein synthesis.
Additional clinical studies showed short-term (10 days) supplementation with 15g undenatured whey protein, but not the equivalent amount of casein protein, enhanced synthesis of skeletal muscle proteins in elderly men and regular supplementation (4 months) with 10g reduced muscular fatigue in middle-aged men.

Whey protein supplementation may be particularly effective for improving muscle mass and function with advancing aging to limit age-associated muscle loss.
Clinical research has shown that ingestion of as little as 8.7g of undenatured whey protein as found in Virgin Whey Proteindoubles the amount of leucine in the blood to promote post-meal muscle protein synthesis.
Additional clinical studies showed short-term (10 days)supplementation with 15g undenatured whey protein, but not the equivalent amount of casein protein, enhanced synthesis of skeletalmuscle proteins in elderly men and regular supplementation (4 months) with 10g reduced muscular fatigue in middle-aged men.

Protein ingestion stimulates post-meal energy expenditure and satiety more than carbohydrates or fat. Whey protein ingestion was shown to elicit greater energy expenditure than casein or soy protein.
Furthermore, consumption of whey protein prior to a meal was shown to reduce hunger and food intake, and increase feelings of satiety when consuming fewer calories compared to casein protein.

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Exercise or diet, what's better for weight loss?

Especially in January, we are asked whether it is better to lose weight by exercise or by diet.
The response I mostly give is that diet is the more efficient method but makes you grumpy and if you overdo it, will lose muscle, while exercise can make you happy, fit and strong.
A few years ago the discovery how in general, exercise doesn't make you lose weight made headlines.
In my former life as a long-distance cyclist I'd have shaken my head in disbelief.. after all, every single spring, fat would almost literally melt away once the cycling season started.

Anyhow, as counterintuitive as it seems to mile-eating cardio-junkies, exercising more is not the best solution to weight loss mostly because the weight piles on off-season.
True enough , once the season was over, the fat would pile on equally fast. Why?
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Of course I knew exercise burns calories, but somehow it is very difficult to adjust to diet upwards or downwards as appetite lags behind so much!

Why do elderly people suffer more easily from dehydration?

Normally, our summers tend to alternate between cooler and warmer days with plenty of rain, but at the moment we experience a prolonged period of unusually warm and dry weather. This is probably why it is not so common to warn against dehydration among elderly adults on hot summer days, which is a grave mistake. 
While even healthy younger adults have a hard time staying properly hydrated in the heat, elderly citizens have an especially hard time because they don't even drink enough in cooler weather.

It’s important to prevent dehydration because it’s a common cause of hospitalization in people over 65 and can even cause death.
Dehydration can also cause other major health problems like kidney stones, blood clot complications, passing out, rapid but weak pulse, and lowered blood pressure. Being properly hydrated is also very important for certain medications to work.

Because water has numerous functions in the human body, it is one of the most important nutrients and is essential in every life stage. However, with aging, the body’s mechanisms of water balance are disturbed, increasing the risk of dehydration among the elderly.
There are high rates of dehydration in the elderly population and dehydration is one of the ten most frequent diagnoses reported for hospitalisations of persons over 65 in the United States. 

Why should I care about meal frequency?

Why should I care about eating several times a day? A straight answer is, because it works!
It works if you wish to burn fat and maintain a good muscular attractive physique when you are over 40. Back in 2009 I was pretty darn fit and strong and in the best shape of my life while eating small meals five to six times a day and working out right after work around 7pm.

recommended use
Mix one heaping scoop (approx. 25 g) of Jarrow Formulas® Virgin Whey Protein Isolate with 180-240ml of cold water, milk, almond milk or juice, or make a smoothie, by blending with water, ice and fruit.
Drink it at breakfast, before a training, again at bedtime or as directed by a qualified physician.

contains per daily serving (1 heaping scoop/25g) / per 100g
energy 90 /360 kcal
protein 22 / 88 gram
carbohydrates <1 / <4 gram
- as sugar <1 /<4 gram
- as fiber 0 / 0 gram
fats 0 / 0 gram
- as saturated fat 0 / 0 gram
cholesterol 0 / 0mg

sodium 25 / 100 mg
potassium 100 /400 mg
calcium 8% / 32% RDI
iron <2% / <8% RDI
vitamin A: <2% / <8% RDI

RDI : Recommended Daily Intake

whey protein isolate (from milk) and emulgator (soy lecithin)

keep dry and closed at normal room temperature between 15 - 22°C.

This product can be a part of your weight-management regimen, but is not a complete nutrient source and so should not be used exclusively for weight loss. This product contains no added L-Tryptophan.

allergy information
contains milk and traces of soy (lecithin)
contains no other familiar allergens (wheat, gluten, lupin, nuts/tree nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, egg, fish/shellfish or mollusks)

contains cow's milk
suitable for vegetarians

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